Saturday, January 02, 2010


So far, 2010 is not that much different than 2009. I am mired in an editing project that I originally thought would take about 5-6 business days. Never mind how many I am on now, I am tired and cranky, and feeling done with it. It is not done with me yet though.

The kids are going a little shack whacky. Liam has turned into Hurricane Liam. He's climbed into the front window, dumped a 1/2 glass of water on the floor just to see what happens, climbed Xander's bed, tried to play with the blinds (the cord is secured to the wall, so no hazard there), found part of a gingerbread cookie on the counter (ask yourself how he got up there), and.... yeah, hard to edit in that atmosphere.

Xander is just plain grumpy. He's been acting a bit mean towards his brother, just to stir things up. I think he's tired.

Ray is definitely tired. I stayed up and edited until 1:30 am, and for unknown reasons, Ray stayed up too.

But now the three of them have gone to torment 2010 mall shoppers, so I have a bit of peace. Maybe 2 hours, if I am really lucky. Potentially with a couple hours of nap time for the tiny people after that. Sounds like editing time for me.

If you have wishes to send my way, wish that this project is done quickly for me. I'd like to play a little now and think more about my resolutions.

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