Friday, July 21, 2006

Sheep say BAAA!

Xander is full of surprises. I suspect he is going to talk very well, very early. No surprise there, considering his mother. Family legend has it that I was not even 2 when I looked out the car window and said clear as a bell: "Auntie Nonie, I see a baby!" My Mom and Aunt nearly fell over.

Xander says Mom and Dad or Daddy. This is definitely to us. Sometimes he still does the da-da-da babble too, but that is very different from the pointed "DAD!!!" that he levels at his father. He also says doggy, duck and kitty. Kitty, though, sounds like "itty". And "Hi!" We can't forget "Hi!"...he stopped a waitress who was ignoring him right in her tracks with that one.

The last month we've been looking through his animal books and reading them, but more fun is to flip through them and say "kitty says meow" or "duck say quack, quack".

Tuesday his Dad and I arrived at daycare to pick him up and K, his wonderful provider, was excited. She'd been playing "kitty/doggy/cow/duck says..." with her 2.5 year old and when she got to "The sheeps says..." without hesitating a moment Xander looked straight at her and said definitively: "BAAAAA!!!!" And grinned from ear to ear.

It makes a mother proud.

Tonight he was standing in the bath (why sit when you can stand there) and I am almost certain he said "quack, quack!" to his ducks. Amazing.

I think that the funnier part is that we've been working on teaching him sign language since he was 6 months old. He does occasionally sign, but not that much. I feel a little like I am spinning my wheels with it. We decided it would help him communicate during that time between understanding and verbal development. Well, silly me. Turns out the little monkey is just going to talk!

So, Baaa, Mooo, Meow, and Quack Quack to you too!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Weaning is a lot like having someone break up with you. I didn't know that.

Actually, there are a lot of things I didn't know. I thought that "self-weaning" meant that he would be at least 18 months or older when he weaned. I thought that we would both be ready at the same time. I thought that it would be an easy, casual thing. I thought we would make it to a year and then see what happened

Boy was I wrong.

We went from nursing 3-4 times a day to twice a day about 6 weeks ago. Then, three weeks ago it was once a day when he decided that he no longer wanted to nurse in the morning. So we are now nursing at 10 pm only. And he is asleep the whole time.

But Xander didn't nurse Friday night. He nursed Saturday night like a starving man. Then he didn't nurse on Sunday night either. I thought that Friday and Sunday might be because of scheduling issues. We were out late both nights and when we came home he was sleeping in the van. Unfortunately he woke up as we got home and then was too awake to nurse. But last night could have been perfect. He was sound asleep in his own bed. I gently took him out, curled up with him on my bed, and offered. In times gone by he opened wide and sank into breastfeeding with a look of sheer heaven. Not this time! This time he opened his eyes a bit, looked at me like I was crazed, clamped his mouth shut, and turned his head away.

I am heartbroken.

I am going to try again tonight, but if he refuses again I know that I have to respect his decision. And I will have to officially call it over.

We've breastfed for 11.5 months, which is far longer than I thought in those grim, tough early days of no sleep, lots of pumping, bottles, nipple shields, and desperation. That 5 weeks it took to get him to do it to begin with seems like a blip now.

And it is not easy or casual. I am going to miss his warm body all cuddled into me. The smell of his hair. How he hugged my boob, as though hanging on to it for dear life. The glassy satisfaction on his face afterwards. And knowing that I had a big hand in how big he is growing.

Most of all, I am not ready.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lost and Found

I had every intention of keeping up with this blog, but we all know what happens with good intentions. And then I lost the blog. Even now, I am not sure how a person loses their own blog, but there you go.

Xander is amazing. He makes me laugh so much.

Today just doesn't happen to be that kind of day. I have a huge headache (I think it is because we have rain coming and it has been threatening for ages) and I am just not much fun. Frankly, it has a lot to do with me and my headache and nothing to do with Xander.

Now, to keep this updated and to give the address to my friends and family. ;)