Wednesday, January 20, 2010


When I lived in Korea, I was addicted to the old show Lost in Space. We watched it every night, without fail. And cracked up. It was just so serious and as it was a bit of a moment out of television time, we laughed.

Tonight, I have the words "Danger Will Robinson, danger!" Rattling around in my head. Somehow with the words, "Abort, abort." I am not sure that the second set ever went with the first set on the actual show, but in my brain tonight, they are linked.

Tonight was our first night of sleep training. I am all prepared. I have drinks and entertainment on hand. A borrowed air mattress. And I tried to sleep. However, I was awakened early. Liam coughed and sputtered a bit, then woke up and was crying. I dutifully sat outside his bedroom door and talked to him. He settled and cried and settled some more. It was about an hour of this. Then there was something not right. A sound. Something. I don't know. But I checked him out at that moment. And there was puke.

I was warned there could be puke. Lots of kids make themselves throw up when they are upset. The only thing is that Liam has been tested for hours on other sleep methods and has cried many tears and yelled many things that I can only assume would be obscene if he could manage the words. Not once has he puked. In fact, other than when he was a tiny infant and had lots of throwing up from his allergies, he has never thrown up before. And I don't count baby allergy barf in the same category. So I wondered. Intuition told me he was ill. But we didn't know and he seemed okay after a quick clean up, so we went on.

About 45 minutes later (forgive me if my time is off, but I am tired and a little bit turned around), he quietly began coughing. And then a bit of a choking sound. I hopped up and went in, just in time to see him lean over the edge of the crib and projectile vomit. He was not upset. No crying. Nothing. And he'd been laying quietly for long enough that I thought maybe he was sleeping.

Yup, my baby has his first stomach flu. Poor kid.

So, we abort the sleep training mission for a night or two. Although, I think I may still bunk out on the air mattress for a while and make sure he is okay. Sometimes it helps to have Mommy close by, because sometimes the moment of danger doesn't come with a crazed robot saying "Danger Will Robinson, danger." Although it would be darn funny if they did.


Lisa said...

Oh no!! Better to wait until he is better. Poor wee man!

McCryssy said...

Watching a little body projectile vomit is the worse. I hope he's up and running again soon. Poor dude. I wouldn't wish the stomach flu on my worse enemy. Much less a little guy.

Laura said...

He feels great this morning and is none the worse for wear, thankfully.