Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thumbs Up for Sleep Plans

It's funny to say this, because my plan is that I will probably not sleep tonight. Given that I am falling-off-my-feet tired right now, that doesn't sound like a smart plan. However, I am going for long-term gain here.

I've talked to The Sleep Doula and she was *wonderful*. For the first time in ages I didn't feel pressured or judged about Liam's sleep. I understand that the things we have done have contributed/created this mess. And although I would be happy to sacrifice a chicken on my front steps if it would result in Liam sleeping the night, I have doubts that it would work. But this wonderful lady not only listened to what we have done in the past, but was able to tell us where we went wrong in the past and how to tweak it this time.

I'm not going to tell you what we are doing. Although I can tell you that our preparation includes setting up an air mattress for me in the hallway, getting a nap in this evening, and setting myself up for success.

We will succeed. Liam will sleep.

But tonight...tonight he is going to be pissed off about this. He's going to be confused that I am changing the things he knows to be true and creating a new sleeping paradigm. But he is a kid and he will adjust. And sleep.

Oh blessed sleep.

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Heidi said...

Good luck! I hope it works!