Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Information You Get in the Middle of the Night

Last night Liam's crying and being sick woke up Xander. So Xander went to sleep in our bed. Except he wouldn't sleep. This was before I knew Liam was sick, so I was a bit annoyed to have a crying toddler and a 4 year old nattering at me.

But I am amazed at the information Xander doled out. Why oh why could he have not told me about his day at school at 3 pm, when I asked him about it. I got a whole lot of "Not much." and "Oh, I forget."

Seriously, this child is four, not fourteen. I expect this from a fourteen year old, but from my uber-chatty four year old, not so much.

However, in the middle of trying to do sleep training, I got full details on a new journal they are doing at school, including why they are doing it and what he has put in it.

I ask you: is this what an aneurysm feels like?

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