Monday, January 18, 2010

More Words

Liam has been what I sometimes think of as "hard of words" (think about hard of hearing and go from there). Last Wednesday, I had a bit of a mental breakdown about all of the work we've put into it, but the lack of words back. He had 17 words last Wednesday.

That day, I said out loud, "I just need some sign that this is working. Some bit of progress."

Yeah, well...ask and thou shalt receive, right? As of this moment, he has 32 words. Seriously. Almost double. In fact, I fully expect by the time this Wednesday night comes, we shall have double the number of words. In a week!

But tonight's highlight comes courtesy of his daycare provider. To give a little background, she regularly sings with the kids. One of the regulars is a song we call Sleeping Bunnies. (We only sing the first verse.) The actions to this one are simple: the kids lay down and cover their faces as if they are sleeping, until the second part of the song, where they jump up and hop up and down. Xander loved this song. Liam is not much of one for singing and dancing though. In fact, K says that he often sits just outside the circle of kids and watches.

Anyway, tonight he had a bowl of pasta for dinner. When we got to the bottom of the bowl, he pointed to Peter Rabbit. "Bunny! Bunny!" I said. He pointed, grunted, agreed, and went on. We offered him more pasta, which he also scarfed back. When he got to the end of the second bowl, I said, "Hey, we got down to the bunny again." Liam grinned...and laid his head on the table.

Ray and I were puzzled. He popped his face up and grinned at us, so at first we thought he was playing Peek-a-Boo. But it didn't feel right. He giggled and put his head down again.

And then it dawned on me and I remembered the Sleeping Bunnies song. We started singing that and it was obvious to all of us that this was what he was after.

It's not a word said, but that's one heck of a connection!

This post is brought to you by the sign for sleep and the words "hello", "zoom", and "sock pop".


Lisa said...

LOVE IT! I am so proud of you for hanging in there and for Liam for being such a trooper. He's such a smartie.

McCryssy said...

Love that Liam! Everyday... something new!