Sunday, January 03, 2010

Just Like Mommy and Daddy

When I was a child, I read so much and to the detriment of my sleep that my parents went through a phase where they would put duct tape over my light switch to ensure that I was not getting up in the middle of the night, turning on the light, and reading for hours when everyone else was sleeping. It didn't stop me from reading, it just made me more creative. I developed a fear of the dark, acquired a night light, and read from that. I also discovered flashlights.

Ray's childhood bedroom was next to the family kitchen and his door was always open a crack. That crack let a small beam of light fall on his bed. He used to read by that beam.

Tonight, Xander proved he is the apple that did not fall very far from either parental tree!

Ray was in his office on the main floor and heard a pat, pat, pat upstairs. Moments later, another pat, pat, pat. Feet were going back and forth across the upstairs hall. Curious, he went to investigate...and caught Xander in the middle of crossing the hall.

When questioned, it was apparent that Xander wanted to have a better story, but could think of nothing but the truth: "I was reading!"

(When Ray told me this part of the story, I laughed until I cried. Part of me is very proud of him, but don't tell him that!)

Apparently, wee mister Xander couldn't sleep. We'd settled on one story tonight, because we were out visiting and it was late. Ray had chosen one story, but I had pulled two from the bookshelf before I realized what was going on. We left my two stories on the blanket box in our room, and read the one Ray had. Xander wanted the other two stories too and since he wasn't tired enough to sleep, he pattered over to our room, got them, and sat in his bed....reading them by the light of his nightlight! Then had pattered back to our room to see if he was in the clear for returning them. And was caught on his way back to his bed to get the books to take back.

Truth be told, I am still laughing a little bit.

That's my boy!

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Lisa said...

Love that kid!