Monday, January 18, 2010

The Excitement of Editing

I know some of you are laughing and thinking that the title of this post is an oxymoron. It may be for you, but for me there is real excitement in editing.

I've been working with an online friend on her resume and letter of intent for a Master's program. She's been having a hard time putting down how she feels and then integrating the intellectual reasons for doing this degree. It's been a long, hard struggle for her. One that is painful for her friends to watch, because we know she wants this and know that she will do a great job, but we cannot help her to get to the other side of this struggle.

But with a little editing I can. I did not write either piece. In fact, at one point, I had to tell her that before I could edit, she had to go back and rewrite it. I've always thought I could edit anything, so this was a learning experience for me. (And hard to do.) But she took it back, and rewrote it into something absolutely stunning. Truly, I was blown away.

All I did was fine-tune it all. I asked questions, pointed out places to expand, and finally did a little polishing at the end. But being there for her and watching her have her break through moments after struggling...that is excitement! Seeing her implement my suggestions and take it a step further, to make it all her own...sheer beauty!

I've had moments of doubt about my own career lately. Or at least the path I am on right now. There is a lot of struggle and times where you work alone in this field. Sometimes it makes me wonder if what I do actually matters. But this woman's struggle and her triumph have inspired me. And lit the fire of my own enthusiasm for what I do at the same time. What I do matters and I get to watch something beautiful develop in the process.

So today, I challenge you, my friends and readers, to find something that inspires you too. For me it will be to write. To edit with joy. And to find a little inspiration along the way.


Erica said...

You rock , girl! You did more then just edit...YOU inspired me to be better. You calmed me down, you helped me find my focus. What you may want to do with your incredible skill may change, but know that you are amazing at it!

Laura said...

((hugs)) Thanks so much, Erica. I was so glad to be able to help.