Friday, January 15, 2010

The One Where I Love Ray More

We've had a couple rough weeks of sleep here. Liam has never been the best sleeper as it is, but he was really sick last week. This week he is well, but is up for 2-4 hours in the middle of the night. To say we are all tired is an extreme understatement. I'm about at the end of my rope and have been fighting off last week's flu myself.

Last night Ray was up for the whole 4 hours with Liam. And he sent Xander in to sleep with me, so that we would get some sleep.

After several hours, I heard Ray say to Liam, "Okay, Liam, I know you can't sleep. Let's have a little blast from the past, dude, and go watch Good Eats together."

My heart about exploded out of my chest hearing that. Ray was so gentle, sweet and kind. Liam's lack of sleep has had us all on edge, cranky, and exhausted, but in the middle of all that Ray reached inside himself and found compassion for our littlest one. I hear they watched two episodes of Good Eats together and Liam was out cold.

We think he is having a reaction to the inhaler that the doctor put him on for the croup last week. That same inhaler makes Xander spin, so it is no wonder. Ray watched Liam settle down over and over again and just plain be unable to settle into sleep. Wired. We are taking him off the inhaler in hopes that he goes back to his regular sleeping pattern.

Wish us luck.

But for now, I am letting my expanded feelings for this wonderful man in our lives carry me through my sleepy day.

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McCryssy said...

Great guy you got there :)