Thursday, January 14, 2010

You Might Be Sleep Deprived If...

  1. Your eyes feel like they are bleeding.
  2. You dropped an egg and a piece of bread on the floor while making breakfast.
  3. You cannot remember the exact time of night you were up, how long the intermittent wakings were, and when you finally got back to sleep.
  4. You spend more time in your pajamas than dressed, because you hope there is a chance of going back to bed.
  5. You are ticked off at your older child for getting up at his regular time, because you are so tired from being up in the night.
  6. You consider hiring a sleep doula.
  7. You consider selling the child who doesn't sleep.
  8. You have body parts that ache from sleeping curled around the child who doesn't sleep.
  9. You cannot remember the last wake up call that didn't come with a blood-curdling scream.
  10. You have several basic household chores started, but you cannot seem to get it together enough to finish them.
  11. You have plans for household projects but have been unable to execute them (note the fireplace that has been 14 months in progress).
  12. You think an injury requiring a night or two in the hospital may be a saving grace.
  13. You consider an investment in earplugs a good one.
  14. You try to find words in the middle of talking, but search your brain for them and cannot come up with them.
  15. You've tried every single sleep training method out there and they've begun to run together.
  16. You know your kids spend too much time watching television and not enough time outside, but you just cannot get yourself together enough to take them out.
  17. You think you might be a hazard on the road.
  18. You are afraid to go to sleep, because it's just going to end badly anyway.
  19. You consider benedryl and melatonin as sleep options.
  20. You write a list about signs of sleep deprivation.