Thursday, December 31, 2009

As 2009 Wanes...

As 2009 wanes, I am thinking about the year and how it went in our household. I only have a few minutes to write this down, because in a few minutes I have to leave to run. I'm ending this year (and presumably starting the next one) with a good habit: running. It's called The Resolution Run and is a bit of a tradition among runners in this area. I am especially grateful to be able to do this tonight, because I've spent much of this year injured.

This year has brought change, as any year with small children will. Liam has gone from being only 10 months old, with no words, and screaming all the time, to a little man. He's suddenly almost 2 (yes...TWO!!!) and he is into everything, following his big brother around, imitating us all, and driving the cats crazy. Last January, we discovered that he had acid reflux and were able to stop the massive screaming that came from his little self. Stopping that uncovered a whole other boy. It turns out that Liam is pretty quiet. (I know, I did I get a quiet child?) He loves to observe first, then get involved. He's not quick to smile, but then will go from smiling to laughing in a second for the right circumstances. And he is my snuggler! Goodness that boy loves to snuggle.

I am sure Liam will have many surprises for us in 2010. As a two year old, we know he will talk more, sing more, dance more...and just plain show us how life should be lived. Hopefully, with abandon and glee.

Xander is in school now. 2009 brought the end of preschool and the beginning of "big kid" school. He's suddenly taller too. Who is this young boy with so much confidence one minute and then sensitivity the next? And occasionally some lip too! Xander discovered Attitude this year (and yes, I meant for that to be attitude with a capital A). He's experienced soccer and swimming. Loves to hang with his friends. And is not so keen on writing (we think he's having a few issues with fine motor skills). For us, the biggest thrill has been watching him begin to read!

Xander will turn 5 this coming summer, which brings a few tears to his Mommy's eye. We cannot believe that this person who was a baby and then toddler for so long is now so big. His 5th birthday means something special to him too, as we have promised when he is 5, he can try chewing gum!

Ray has had a harder year over 2009. He's been in the hospital a couple of times, first with a serious diverticulitis attack and then to have a large abdominal abscess drained. Through it all, Ray maintains a sense of humour though. He has a good job that he likes. A true blessing in this age of downsizing and layoffs. I've discovered again, over this past year, that Ray is the one I go to and talk to about everything. We've spent a lot of this fall talking about deep subjects. So far, we've not solved the world's problems, but sometimes it feels like we are trying. Best of all, we laugh together and have spent the year loving our children and each other.

And me...well, I am just plugging along here. I've made a few friends. We've traveled together as a family and visited old friends and some family members. I spent time out west with one of my oldest friends (for sad reasons, but it was good to see her anyway). And I have worked, worked, worked at my business. Hopefully this will bring my writing and editing business from it's infancy into its toddlerhood. Something like parenting my boys, it seems.

I'm still running. Sometimes more than others, as I have battled plantar fascitis, IT band injury, and now a tear in my hip flexor. (I believe these are rebound injuries from having a baby, but cannot be sure.) I did do two half marathons this year, so I am proud of that. This year I want to add to that and just keep going. Hopefully, injury free.

I've also rediscovered my love of reading this year. Who needs television when you have an e-book?!? And I have also let go of some of the ideas of what I should be and just let myself be the things I am. I am having fun with my boys...most of the time. Every so often, I look up and find myself surprised, but tickled, to be the mother of these two amazing little people.

And I find, though not all of this year was flowers and sunshine, that I am a little tearful to let go of this year. It's one more year gone. My boys are growing fast and I will miss the little people that they have been, though I greet the bigger boys they are becoming with enthusiasm too.

Let's see what 2010 brings us, shall we?

Happy New Year everyone. From my very oldest friends, to the new ones I will make tonight as I run. Be safe. Have fun. And remember to come and say hello in 2010. Our house is always open and we can't wait to make more memories with all of you.

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Happy 2010 Miss L!