Tuesday, December 01, 2009


I've been running on and off for about 8 years now (I think). I've done a load of 5k races, a handful of 10k races, and three 1/2 marathons now.

Tonight my running group starts a new session. The thing is that the last time I ran with them was in May. I decided to take the summer off and just hang with my family. The problem is that over the fall I was sick 3 times in September and October, which resulted in a load of lung issues at the beginning of this month related to my asthma. I just had a cold over the last few days, which seems better, but it kicking up the asthma a tiny notch again. And Ray has been sick for 3 weeks.

I had planned to get myself back to a certain point with running before starting the clinic. Except I need about 3 more weeks. Oiee.

So I am nervous. And it's cold, which doesn't make me want to go out and run much. Let alone in the dark with a group. My motivation is a tad low.

I am also signing up for 2 spin classes and 1 core class each week.

It's a lot to take on after being a couch potato for the last few months. I did run a 1/2 marathon at the end of August, so it's not like I have been a total lump, but sheesh, I am nervous.

I realized this afternoon that part of why I am nervous is because of my goals. I want to do the Around the Bay race. It's a 30 km race that is older than the Boston marathon! And if all goes well with that one, I am thinking about doing a full marathon in May. But a big part of me thinks that is all just CRAZY talk. 21 km is one thing, but to do 30 km and then 42 km? I might need to get my head checked out!

So, I was thinking about it and I am just going to take it a week at a time. I can do that. Right?

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Lisa said...

You CAN do it momma! You're a rockstar!