Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Elf Needed

Last night on the radio I heard the announcers talking about the night's Christmas show offerings. One of the new ones is about elves helping to prepare a house for Christmas. I didn't get to see it, but the thought has been on my mind.

If I had an elf to help I would want:

- A clean house. Really. It's driving me nuts. I just cannot keep up with the house, the kids, and work. My house is always a disaster. In times gone by, it was fine and I could keep up, but the past year or so (okay, maybe 21 months...since Liam came hee hee) have been a big struggle.
- Our outside lights finished. We started at the beginning of November, but Ray got sick and it is not completed. The whole thing would take probably about 45 minutes to do.
- Our fireplace completed. (Don't even go there.)
- The laundry caught up on. (See the first point.)
- And maybe the tree pulled out and assembled. I'd like to put the decorations on myself though.

It's not much, really.


Lisa said...

and Amen!

Send your elf my way when you're done with her ... yes, I know it's a her because no male (elf or otherwise) would be able to accomplish all of that! ;)

McCryssy said...

Wait... they have elves that do that? Is there a waiting list I need to get on? Why am I just now hearing about this.....