Monday, December 14, 2009

Can I Cry Yet?

I believe that I have torn my hip flexor. Two.Weeks.Into.Training.

Yes, I said two weeks in.

I am not sure if I am angry or sad at this point. Frustrated is in there too.

I've been going at the training fairly hard core, but it feels like other people can do that and get fantastic results. Me? Nope, just injured. And that does make me angry.

Liam is 21 months old. I started running again when he was 6 weeks old, as approved by my medical staff. When he was 3 months, I began running with a marathon group. I was training for a half the following fall. Two months in I got plantar fascitis. You don't need to know what that means exactly, only that it meant my foot was in a lot of pain all the time. And I had to stop running for 6 LONG months. Urgh! I was back on my feet in January of this year. And I ran the Mississauga Half Marathon.

About a month before the Mississauga Half Marathon, I had some trouble with my IT bands. Luckily my wonderful massage therapist helped me and I ran it.

At the end of August, I ran the Chocolate 1/2 Marathon. (Worst race ever, but I digress.) No injuries that time.

I ran a bit here and there in the fall, but nothing stellar.

So, I start back to training. I've added spin class and core class. Plus 3 runs a week.

And 2 weeks in, I am injured. I have money put into the running clinic, plus I have signed up for 3 races (which is not cheap!). I'm enjoying the company and the running. I love spinning. Core is hard, but okay.

Last week my hip flexors were a little bit sore. Tonight I was doing planks and I yelped as something popped in my hip. Popping is never good, but I thought it was the bone. That happens sometimes. Not fantastic that way, but a person can deal.

Yeah, sooooooooooo not bone.

Sarah-massage-therapist-extraordinaire (also a sports injury therapist) is coming Wednesday night. I have instructions to ice, ice, more ice and NO running or spinning until I see her.

So, I am sitting here...uncertain of whether I should yell or cry. And wondering if I am doing something incredibly wrong, which is why I keep getting injured.


Lisa said...

(((hugs))) That stinks, BUT I love your new look here in BLOG land.

Laura said...

Thanks Lisa. I love it too. I needed something a bit festive for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Laura!!! I hope the sports therapist can help you somehow~ hugs!!!

Heidi said...

OUCH!! That sounds awful! I hope they're able to give you some relief on Wednesday!