Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Someone Had to Help

Ray is a clean guy, but not tidy by nature. When it was the two of us, it felt a bit even, because I tend to be a bit on the overly tidy side if left to my own devices. Xander was born, creating more mess. Xander, like his Daddy, would happily just let the chaos take over. He likes to be clean and have things clean, but why tidy up the blocks, as we will just play with them later.

Then came Liam. Liam has a few inborn cleaning habits! He learned by himself how to put books on the shelf...spine out no less! (It took me months to teach this to Xander.) He puts his laundry in the basket and will tidy things up. It's not perfect, but he is not even two yet.

This morning I watched him as he dripped a bit of milk from his sippy cup onto the floor, went into the kitchen, grabbed a drying cloth, and came back to wipe the spot off the floor.

Ah...help! Gotta love it!


Lisa said...

Tucker is the SAME EXACT way! HOOT! He even spilled some water in the floor the other day, went and got a towel ... plopped it in the floor and used his foot to wipe the water up! HAHAHAHAHA!

McCryssy said...

WTG, Liam!! Ariel and MJ are messy like Micah, but they will clean up spills and put their laundry in baskets. I think they just figured that out by watching me. I wish they'd figure out toy clean up....