Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Xander's Secret

Last week Xander and I went on a date. We do this every few months, where we go for dinner or a movie and just spend some time together. He was a little wound up, since it was so close to Christmas, but we had a good time anyway. Then we went Christmas shopping. Ray and I started getting gifts for the boys from each other last year. It's small gifts, but something for the other one anyway. Liam is still too small to pick for Xander, so I did his gift, but Xander got to choose. Xander also got to choose something for Daddy for Christmas.

Since Ray reads this blog, I cannot tell you what the gift is. Some of you already know. If you have talked to Xander this week, I am sure he has told you.

The trick is to keep the secret. It's not a small feat for someone who is four and a half. But this is a gift that I wanted the secret kept, so I pulled a little threat. We don't threaten often in our house, so Xander knew I was serious. I told him that if he told his Daddy, I would take it BACK.

Xander is convinced that I am telling the truth, and although he has told almost everyone else he knows, he has not slipped up. And tomorrow is Christmas Eve day! He's made it! (And honestly, if he slips in the next day, I am not going to take it back. He's done an amazing job.)

In honour of Xander's incredible feat, I have bought him one extra present. This present is not from Mommy and Daddy. It is not from his little brother, cousin, or any other family member. And it is not from Santa.

It is just from Mommy. Just me. Because I think a little boy who managed to keep a big secret for over a week is amazing and deserves to be rewarded for his gargantuan efforts.


Lisa said...

That is SO super sweet!!

McCryssy said...

I need a "Like" button for this blog ;)

Cindi said... sweet!
(And now, I need to know what the present was!) ;)