Thursday, December 10, 2009

He's Changing

It occurred to me that it has been a while since I have talked about Liam. At the end of November, Liam turned 21 months old and he suddenly seems more like a boy than a baby. How did that happen?

Yesterday he indicated to his daycare provider that he too would like to sit on the potty (he and his little buddy F are in cahoots to drive her crazy, I think!), so she put him on and he had a tiny little pee on the potty. Ray has since pointed out that Liam frequently sits, fully clothed, on the toilet with the lid down. Today I dug out our potty and our toilet insert. I have no delusions of him training at this moment, but I am not going to impede progress either.

He also decided today that he was DONE with the booster chair at the table. He's been fussing on and off about it for a bit, but he has now flatly refused to eat while being strapped in it. So far, he's been pretty good about sitting at the table without it.

Liam is talking a tiny bit more these days. Today we got "ball" and "bear". He says "snack" (nak) and "thank you" at daycare. And he will happily give you the sounds a few animals make. I say hooray for progress. Certainly, his lack of words do not mean he lacks for communication. He gets his point across very well.

Liam has also begun to show a bit of temper. Only, instead of throwing himself around and being the drama queen that his big brother was around 2 (umm, yeah, now too), Liam likes to snub you when he is mad. He will turn his head and refuse to look at you when he is angry. If he is really mad, then he will turn his whole body away from you. Add to that a penchant for crossing his arms (I have no idea where that would come from!) and it is pretty hysterical.

Generally speaking though, he's a pretty even-tempered little boy. He plays fairly nicely and loves his big brother. He's not keen on dogs. Will explore endlessly. And is a quiet soul. He loves to sit and read a book. (Phew! This makes Mom and Dad really happy.) But he will not allow anyone to walk all over him and will pitch a fit if he is not happy with the way interactions with Big Brother are going.

So, that is a snapshot of our Liam now.

Speaking of snapshots, I thought you might like to see the mon


Cindi said...

He's growing up!! So dang cute Laura!

He sounds so much like our guys... the "I'll speak when I'm ready" but ability to clearly communicate needs/wants, etc.

Ours also sit on the potty fully clothed, but if I undress them and try it, you'd think the damn potty morphed into a pit of fire or something. So, we're just following their lead for now.

Happiest of Holidays to you all!!!

McCryssy said...

What a cutie! I could eat both of your boys up. They're gorgeous.