Friday, October 02, 2009

What day is it?

Oh yeah, day five. Good thing I have been writing it down, because I did have to go back and check. Plus, I keep thinking that today is Saturday. No idea why.

The first wave has left us. My parents were visiting for 17 days. Yup, 17. That's a looooooooong visit. Granted, we were away for a few days, then they were gone over last weekend for six days. Still, it ends up feeling like a very long time. And we have a very small house. I'll miss them (in a day or two) and will look forward to them visiting again. Hopefully not for a little while though.

Xander and Liam learned that they could live without us for a couple of nights. We learned that we miss them after one night, but the first night without them was GLORIOUS! Parenting is hard. Breaks are needed.

Speaking of which, with the stress of work and visitors and all of that, my cycle was a tad late this month. To the tune of 3 days. I even thought it had come a day late, but it started to, then stopped. The only time that ever happened was when I was pregnant for Liam, so I FREAKED OUT! I could have done with the mommy boards to freak on at that point, but I stayed strong, with the help of a couple friends. Thankfully, it was just a strange delay and all is on track. It made clear to me that I do NOT want another child at this point. I am not sure if I will ever want another one. Since I have that tiny doubt, we are waiting to make the decision permanent. Ray had a moment of thrill out of it though, so now he knows if we did go there, it would be okay. He wasn't sure of that before. We're both sleeping better at night now though. We're busy. Liam and Xander are fantastic, but they keep us on our toes. I wonder if true insanity would happen if we decided to go for a third child.


The next wave hits tomorrow. Ray's Mom has a pen pal in England who is visiting. They came 3 years ago and I got incredibly sick, so we missed meeting them. Tomorrow we will meet them. We're having dinner here. I am trying to clean up for it. Heaven help me. Ray is upstairs cooking right now.

Then next week Jennifer and Eric are coming for a Canadian Thanksgiving. Xander is already talking about "my friend Mason". We saw them at their place in May; for a brief look check this out. The kids had a blast and I felt like I knew Jennifer from way back, so I am looking forward to seeing them.

At the end of the month our good friends Karen, Bill and Braeden are coming to visit. Bill is running the Army 10 miler on Sunday, so send out some good thoughts his way! He's also going to run a 1/2 marathon while he is here. We were supposed to run it together, but my foot has been terrible and I have decided that 2 half marathons in on year are quite enough. I can't wait to see them too! Plus, we get to do Halloween together. Funny, we've had a few summer visits, a Canadian Thanksgiving, and an American we are doing Halloween. Hey Karen, shall we do Easter or Christmas together in 2010? ;)

I've completed the work I had for September: 28 articles and one web page (500 words each). Lots of words! And I have a list of 20-30 articles to write for this month too. I'm waiting until Monday to start and enjoying my weekend!

And tomorrow I get to do the real Saturday.


Lisa said...

Amen for the mental health break!

Karen said...

Hmmm....maybe we should plan for another holiday vist? There is the 4th of July and Canada Day. What about New Years?? lol