Monday, October 12, 2009

Losing People Along the Way

I was reading my comments this morning and it occurred to me that I have lost a few people along the way in blog land. A while back, my friend Heidi moved her blog to another location. I knew about it, and I remember thinking that I had made the change to my list of blogs that I follow. Ummm, yeah, not so much as it turns out. No wonder she was not coming up as having new blog posts.

I love Heidi's blog. It's thoughtful and funny, but also honest and raw too. She makes me think, which seems to be a rare commodity these days. So I am happy to have her back on my blog roll. Heidi, if you thought I was ignoring your blog and not commenting on it because I had nothing to say, please know it was a total accident.

Now I wonder who else I am missing. A project for tomorrow!


Heidi said...

*waving from my new site*

Yeah - I totally screwed things up with that site move. There was much head-banging and cursing that went on that weekend!! Didn't help that we were on a busy vacation - sans child - and the internet was the last thing on our minds! lol

Lisa said...