Sunday, October 18, 2009


I've had the Sony e-book reader about 36 hours now. I was looking forward to taking it upstairs and reading before bed. Except it slipped out of the little cover (which is CRAPPY) and fell to the floor on my way upstairs.

Now the screen doesn't work.


I was totally loving it until that moment. Dammit!

Edited on Monday night:

I took my reader in to the Sony Store today. The salesman was incredibly nice about it and provided me with an exchange without even blinking. Hooray! The harder part was getting my programs on my computer (which load the books onto the reader) to recognize the new hardware. Ray go that done tonight though. (Thank you Ray!!!)

So I am back up and running in e-reader land. I bought the cover for it, which is nice, but we've decided to take a look for some kind of after market protective case. Something like a mini laptop bag. Very mini. Since it does need to be handled carefully. Apparently.


Lisa said...

Oh no!! Is there some kind of warranty?

Laura said...

Yes, there is a warranty everything covered for 90 days and then all the parts for a year.

I walked in, got an exchange, and will be up and running soon. I have to reconfigure the darn thing and ensure it gets enough power first though. Bummer.