Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Shock

Most of us have heard of Group B Strep, but never did I imagine that it could touch me like this. Ray comes from a little town in Ontario. There's a wonderful bookstore on the main street of that town that is run by a man named Paul and his niece, Lisa. I've been privileged to spend many an hour browsing through the stacks there. Ray spent a good deal of his teen years reading, buying and chatting with the owners of this store. It's part of the landscape of his youth.

Yesterday, he told me that Lisa was in the hospital. She was having heart and respiratory issues. I was shocked, but thought that they would pump her full of medicine and the next time we went to the bookstore (likely Boxing Day, as we always seem to go on Boxing Day), we would chat her up.

I just found out a moment ago that Lisa was sick with Group B Strep. And that she lost that battle sometime last night.

She was 35 years old. I didn't even realize that she and I were the same age.

My tears and love go out to Paul and the rest of Lisa's family. And to all of those who have counted Lisa as a part of their lives. Our family included.

Hug your loved ones tight. Value the moments you have with them. And please spare a thought or prayer for Lisa.

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Heidi said...

Oh my goodness! That's just awful! You hear about it with the L&D stuff, but I've never realized how incredibly serious it can be for an adult!