Sunday, October 04, 2009

Liam Tells All

Me: The sheep says....
Liam: Baa!!!
Me: The cow says...
Liam: Mooo!
Me: The chicken says...
Liam: Buck, buck, buck!

We were riding in the car yesterday, playing this game. There was a bit of a break and suddenly, from the back seat, he yells "BAAA!!!!" We were in farm country, so I still don't know if her actually saw a sheep or if he just likes this game a whole lot. I do know he likes the game, because we cheer and clap in a manner fit for a rock star each time he gives a right answer and he laughs like crazy.

He also says "cat" fairly frequently and once said "Bye Grandpa" pretty darn clearly.

The words are coming. Just in time for his speech evaluation on October 16th.


Lisa said...

YEAH big boy!!!

Lisa said...

Oh my favorites...

What does the dino say?

What does Mommy say?
"kiss, kiss"

What does Daddy say?
"no, no!"


Laura said...

LOL. I love those. Our answer to "What does Mommy say?" is "I love you!" It was so cute to hear Xander say that in his little 20 month old voice. Liam will be 2.5 before he gets to that. LMAO! I'm going to steal the dino.