Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meetup in New York

I love to meet my online friends. So far, I have met 10 families. This past weekend was our long weekend in May, and we went down to Albany, NY to meet Jennifer and her family (they were our 10th family).

Jennifer and I have known each other online almost 5 years now, since we were pregnant with Xander and Mason. As luck would have it, our second pregnancies were at the same time too, and Liam and Megan were born within 10 days of each other! This meeting was long overdue.

Jennifer and her family are incredibly sweet people and we all had a fantastic time. So much so that our older boys were upset when we had to leave!

Playing in the yard:

Our four cuties together:

Our guys:

And the two of us with the "babies" who started our friendship:

This video makes me laugh. Xander and Mason have discovered a new method for international conflict resolution.

Thank you so much for a great weekend Jennifer. We are looking forward to seeing you and your wonderful family again soon.

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Lisa said...

YEAH for good times! I AM jealous though!