Friday, May 29, 2009

15 Months

Liam is 15 months today. We had his well baby visit yesterday and he is 30 inches tall and 21 lbs, 8 oz. So he's grown 1.5 inches, but dropped 2 oz since his 12 month visit. He's still not really talking. I have been assured that some kids do talk later and there is still time, but our doctor also wants him on the waiting list for a speech therapy evaluation, as it takes 5-6 months to get in. Much better to tell them we don't need the service in 5 months, than to wait that time and not get services for another year.

At 15 months, Liam...

  • Goes up and down the stairs like a flash.
  • Can climb anything, including the chairs, kitchen table, couch, Xander's bed, and more.
  • Is big into imitation. His favourite right now is to blow on the hot food before putting it into his mouth.
  • Give kisses!
  • Loves his big brother and laughs big belly laughs when they are playing, however big brother is also the most likely to make Liam scream in frustration. Mommy gets annoyed by this, mostly because a lot of time she cannot pinpoint exactly what Xander has done to illicit this response, so it is hard to get him to stop.
  • Likes playing outside and will happily wander around the yard.
  • Can walk, although he also finds that crawling is still faster, so he'll drop to hands and knees and charge off.
  • Eats everything but milk products.
  • Has had 2 ear infections. Boo!
  • Sleeps reasonably well. Hooray! Finally!
  • Loves to play with Mommy's laptop and has been pulling the power cord out and knocking at the keys the whole time I've been writing this post.
  • Still has 2 naps a day.
  • Signs a bit.
  • Loves to point out lights and ceiling fans. (I have a Jeff Foxworthy joke in my head for this one.)
  • Likes to play with shoes.
  • Would wear a hat 24/7 and plops one on his head at every opportunity.
  • "Talks" on the phone to his Nanny and Grandpa in Manitoba now.


Lisa said...

Sounds just like Tucker.

T- said...

So sweet! Lucky you for the 2 naps a day!