Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Making Lemonade

How do shaving cream and lemonade work together, you ask? Well, it is like this: we've had a couple of really cruddy days. Days of high frustration and much yelling. Days I have hated and I know that the kids have not been happy either. This afternoon I decided that we needed to make lemonade out of our lemons and try to "reset" ourselves.

So I took out 2 cookie sheets, a can of shaving cream, and some kid-friendly (read: washable) paint. Our boys were stripped right down to their underwear/diaper and each got a cookie sheet with shaving cream and dabs of paint in funky colours on it. And they went nuts! What a mess! But it made for lots of giggles and lots of fun. Things which have been in short supply the last few days.

At at the end of the mess, we plopped the two darlings into the tub with a bunch more toys and scrubbed them down while they played. By 5:30 my kids were bathed and in jammies. We had dinner a bit late, but it all seemed to help.

So yeah, lemonade and shaving cream.


Lisa said...

FUN! Where are the pictures???

Laura said...

:( No pictures. Too busy trying to keep the shaving cream from going everywhere. LOL