Saturday, May 30, 2009


Xander started soccer last night. It was a load of fun. The first half hour was a bunch of games, all based on soccer skills for tiny people. The second half hour was a game, which was a riot. Many goals were made...not always on the right net. In fact, the kids argued with the coach over which net they were supposed to score on: this one was their net, so they needed to shoot the ball in there. Not all of them were convinced that they should score on the other net.

Turns out that Xander can run hard and fast. He can kick the ball pretty well, but he just doesn't get the team aspect and was always mad and pouting when another child had the ball. Also, since the game is 3 on 3 and they sub in every 3 minutes, he was off the field some. He wasn't impressed with that either.

Unfortunately, my camera's batteries died on me before we got to the game, so I only have a few shots.

Here is Xander in his first soccer uniform.
Playing games and practicing.
Xander is at the back of the line here.
And this is what Liam did for a good chunk of the hour.


Lisa said...

SUPER sweet! He's such a cutie!

T- said...

What fun!

Looks like herding chickens!