Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hooked In

The power went out in our neighbourhood tonight for about an hour. Turns out that someone on the other side of the street and up the block a bit (we live on one end of the block and he lives almost on the other end) decided to trim his tree on his front lawn. Without heed to the power lines above! An hour or so later, and I am sure a bill for the emergency visit from the hydro company, power was restored.

As a result, Liam has learned to fall asleep without his white noise CD. Thank goodness, because I have very powerful daydreams of taking that thing and smashing it with a is called "rest and relaxation", but I feel my teeth grinding when I hear it because I have heard it so frequently.

I spent some time washing dishes by hand (oh the JOY!) and hanging my load of laundry instead of using my dryer (more joy), while Ray cleaned the yard from our own tree trimming activities this afternoon.

I was supposed to be working, but without power there was no internet connection. My laptop has battery power, but what good is that without the internet? I kept thinking of things I would want to do since I had some time without work. And I came up short, because posting to my blog or boards was impossible (can we say addiction?), watching TV online doesn't work, replying to email messages...yeah, no good. Then I thought of the pile of movies I would like to watch and wondered what was on television. Doh! No power.

I do have crocheting and a few little projects to do. I do have a book I am reading, though nothing that is compelling me to read. And all of that requires light. A commodity not readily available without POWER.

In short, I was screwed. And I realized how well and truly I am hooked in.

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Lisa said...

That stinks, but sometimes a break away like that is good for you!