Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Screeching & Annoyances

Most of the time I adore my children. They are fun people. But for some reason this week the two of them are jumping on my very last nerve. Liam is screeching a lot in frustration. He really does not talk, so screaming, yelling, chattering, and screeching are what we get. Xander is never far behind when this happens. It annoys me that I am not sure exactly what he is doing to prompt Liam's response, but I do know that there is almost no screeching when he is not there.

Xander, on the other hand, seems determined to drive us all insane this week. If there is a way to argue, not listen, or talk back, he will find it. The other day I called my Mom and offered her "the one-time opportunity to buy your grandson, before I sell him on the street corner." She laughed.

I'm wondering if it is the weather, a full moon, or just some crazy juice we've inadvertently fed them. Hopefully it is over soon.


T- said...

At least you offered to sell him to your mom! I keep trying to sell my wutz to the pygmies!

Lisa said...

I was with you over the weekend ... they were driving me NUTS!!

Laura said...

T - I never thought about the pygmies!