Friday, May 22, 2009

Moments of Reality

I was just thinking about a moment during my wedding day. I had come out of the hair salon and had my hair and make up all done. Because my MIL was also using the same place and had just arrived, I had to sneak out the back (she didn't want to see me until the moment I came down the aisle). As I was going around the far corner to get into the car with my mother, I ran into a small family: mother, father and a little girl about 4 years old, as they were going into a restaurant for breakfast.

The little girl stared up at me with a special brand of wonder and said in a soft voice of amazement: "Look Mommy: A BRIDE!"

That was the moment that it hit me that I was getting married.

I have little moments like that intermittently and just thought that it might be nice if some of my blogging friends (and others who might email instead), will share theirs.

Think about it. A moment of reality that surprised you.


T- said...

That is sooo sweet!

Lisa said...

VERY sweet!

Anonymous said...

awww what a cute post!