Monday, June 01, 2009

Walking Boy

Liam is 15 months and 3 days old...and walking!


Suddenly, this afternoon, he was walking across the room. Then down the hall. Then from Ray to me and back again (about 5 times, just because we asked and clapped for him). Definitely on his way.

Phew. It's not that I think 15 months is late to walk. Xander walked around that time too (in fact, Xander was 1 day earlier). But Liam has been cruising and trying to walk in one form or another for about 6 months. He has his own timetable, that child. But waiting on him when you think it might be close is what drives me nutty.

Hooray, Liam.

I also get the Mother-of-the-Year award, because our camera card is full and I have nothing to take photos and video with. Tomorrow.


Lisa said...

Oh no! YEAH for wee Liam!!

T- said...

Go Liam, Go!

Cindi said...

...and.. he's off! Go Liam!