Friday, June 19, 2009

A Few Funnies

With birthdays, my parents arriving, end of preschool, and our introduction to Kindergarten meeting, this has been a busy week. Add in that we are all sick and pretty tired and you get an idea of the chaos around here. So it is nice to share a few of the funny moments.

At the introduction to Kindergarten meeting, we got a schedule for next year and a tour of the rooms the kids use. The teacher was talking about the different activities, and she mentioned a "listening center". So I giggled and leaned over to Ray and said, "Do you think that will HELP?" We were snickering together.

This morning Xander was singing to the BINGO song. You know, "B.I.N.G.O...and Bingo was his name Oh." Only he was singing two different versions:

"B.I.N.G.O...and Bimbo was his name, Oh!"


"E.I.N.G.O...and Bimbo was his name, Oh!"

For the record, he was doing it on purpose. At another point he was singing it properly. What a kid!

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Lisa said...


Our joke about school is always who is going to take the call from the teacher when our kids are in trouble! Teehee!