Monday, June 29, 2009

Update On Ray

First, let me just say that if you are a single mom or a mom who has a husband who travels all the time, I am taking my hat off to you and sending you a load of sympathy. By and large, the kids have been good, but running around like crazy with them is tiring. And Xander has questions. LOTS of questions about Daddy being away and in the hospital.

Ray is doing much better. The doctor came to see him yesterday and was pleased with his progress. He thinks that the hole in his bowl may have healed by now. I am under the impression that if it is going to heal at all, it is healed already. They've increased his food from "clear liquids" to "full liquids". Ray is unimpressed with full liquids, as his breakfast tray came with milk, yogurt, and cream of wheat. I was talking to someone this morning and mentioned that and he said, "Gee, don't they give that as punishment for crimes like stealing in some countries?" We now have to wait and see how his bowel deals with this food. If it is healed, he will be fine. If not, he will be in pain sooner, rather than later. I suspect that would mean surgery.

The doctor dangled the possibility of going home in front of Ray yesterday. He said, "maybe Tuesday." We shall see. Last night Ray was still battling a fever, so no matter how irritated he is with hospital life, he may be there a bit longer.

And yes, he is working some from his hospital room. He said something about boredom and "might as well". In fact, I understand he did work at 2 am. What a guy. This might count as OCD or workaholism.

The kids and I are managing. There are moments when I want to offer them up for sale, but I feel that way once a week or so when everything is normal too. Last night Steph and Cedric came to visit and help out. It was nice to have other adults to talk to! And they taught Xander how to play Snakes and Ladders. Xander loved it. This morning our daycare provider has kindly taken both of the kids to the park with her and her crew. Thank you!!! I've managed to call the people who needed calling and do a few things. Now a post to update everyone, and I am off to shower in peace and clean up around here a bit.

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