Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My Date

Xander and I went on a date tonight to see Up. Our agreement was that he had to have his listening ears on all day (I expected trying, not perfection), which included not making his brother scream all the time (a new diversion he's been enjoying and Mom and Dad hate), and having a nap. The first was just because it is nice to have him try to be good and he's had some issues with listening lately. The second so he would enjoy the movie and not be tired.

We almost didn't get to go, because of protest over the nap. But he did end up napping and we ended up going.

The movie was great, although there were a few parts that scared him a lot. I had him on my lap shaking during the last action scene. Poor guy. But overall, we both enjoyed ourselves.

I have to say, that my older son is a wonderful date! He was polite. He listened well. And he was just a joy to be with.

It was one of those shining moments where you love to be a parent.


Anonymous said...

that is so sweet :)

Lisa said...

SUPER FUN!! I love date nights with my men!

T- said...

We took the wutz this past weekend. He was so good! I'm glad you both had a good time. Yay!