Saturday, June 06, 2009

And around and around we go

Ever have that project where you feel like you are getting nowhere? Or you can't seem to accomplish much because every time you try to do something, there are 5 other things you have to get done before you can do the first one. And then each of those 5 items spawns another 3 items.

This is how gardening is going for us this year. :sigh:

I have to get something up to stake the tomato plants to, before I can plant them. And I don't want to plant any other plants before I get the tomatoes in. Plus, it is getting late to put seeds in.

I also want to get a new bed into the one corner. It's started, but there is very little there. Plus, we have a compost that is now useless to deal with (we now have municipal composting, so it all goes there). And we are overrun with creeping charlie. If you have an idea how to get rid of it, let me know. We have a little bit of weed killer left, but it has been pulled from the market here. Urgh! All of Ontario will be covered in creeping charlie within 5 years if our experience with this blighter is any indication.

I have 2 new bushes to plant and 1 new climber.

I need a trellis for the climber.

And all of this is besides the regular stuff. Mowing. Whipper-snippering the edges. Regular weed control. Growing new grass. And planting the annuals.

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Lisa said...

Good luck getting things started. I am the same way, but once I get started then my OCD makes me finish!