Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day Three: Breaking Patterns and A Cold From Hell

As I am starting the third day of my withdrawal from Facebook and online message boards, I am finding that the pattern is being broken. I actually have little interest in going there. I am curious about what people are up to, of course, and miss it some, but the driving urge of the last couple of days is over. Before anyone starts clapping for me, I do wonder how much of this is related to the cold from HELL. I am medicated right now, but still I can hardly hear and am stuffed up to the point where my sinuses hurt. I would love to just crawl into bed and not get out until Sunday.

However, I have 4 more articles to write (I have less than 100 words left on the one I am on, so make that 3 articles). And I have to work at the chiropractor's office this afternoon. My whole being is screaming "you've got to be joking!" I can hardly breathe, but I need to think, write, and then interact with people.

I'm going off to my corner now, to snivel to myself and try to think of another hook to write the third last article.

P.S. Writing articles reminded me: Lisa, if you want me to send you a couple of articles to read, send me your email addy in a PM through MO. I'll get it and send some to you.

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