Monday, September 28, 2009

Day One

It's quiet and I cheated.

Only a little bit of cheating. I just could not get my crops to mature before today on Farmville. Sad, but true. I cheated to go into Facebook and collect my crops. My fields are now empty, so my excuse is over. Do you think less of me? Actually, I think it is a bit funny to tell the truth.

I'm finding that the lack of conversation from the mommy boards has made for a quiet day. I've reached out to a few friends via email, had a few reach out to me, and had some conversations that way, but it is nothing compared to the babble of the whole of the boards. Interesting. Makes me wonder what I was filling with all of that noise? It may be that because I work from home, I need some kind of conversation and I was filling that need with the boards. It works too!

Oh, and we are sick, Ray and I. Just slight colds that kicked in over the end of the weekend, but let me tell you that is a joy. I'd like to be upstairs, sleeping it off, but I have to work. I've done one article, am about 1/3 of the way through another one, and have a load yet to do. Xander will be home around 3, so I have to move it.


Heidi said...

It totally makes me giggle that you cheated to harvest your virtual crops. Fun!

McCryssy said...

You should hear the way I talk about my crops. You'd think I was a for real farmer lol

Laura said...

I also have to 'fess up that I cheated to check out Lisa's reply to my Yo, so I know what colour to use for her.

And yeah, the virtual crops are important. Go figure! Ray teases me about having to "go farm". Addicted much?