Friday, September 11, 2009

First Day of School...1,2,3...Testing!

Xander had his first day of Junior Kindergarten on Wednesday. For those of you who are out of province, in Ontario we do 2 years of Kindergarten, a Junior year at 4 years old and a Senior year at 5 years old. This is Xander's JK year.

The first encounter is actually a 30 minutes meeting with the teacher for a bit of testing. It's designed to let her know the baseline that the kids are at and to get to meet them one-on-one.

I took a few pictures of Xander that morning, because he dressed himself.

A little frustration:
Got it!

And here is what Liam thought of the whole deal:


mapsgirl said...

Very cute pics.

I forgot to take pics of our first visit to the school. R, who's in SK this year, goes again on Tuesday and Thursday for 2 hours so I'll get pics then.

Lisa said...


Way to go Xander!

Karen said...

Wait! He grew! I'm telling you that boy grew since I saw him in july!