Sunday, September 27, 2009

B is for Break

My pondering has led to a decision to take a break from a few things. For 30 days I am challenging myself to take a break from Facebook and from the mommy online boards (I attend 2 of them and have a grand total of 4 buddy groups). When you add up the time I spend there, it comes to a significant chunk.

What could I do with that kind of time on my hands?

Well, I am about to find out. I have to confess that I've spent enough time on the boards and Facebook these days that I am missing sleep over it. Sounds like a serious addiction to me! I will get on in the evening to "check things out for a few minutes" and then discover that my whole evening has disappeared and I am crawling into bed late. I have several small and a few big projects that I have been wanting to do, but never get to. Sounds like some of the time I've been using online could go to those. And often, Ray and I spend evenings with each of us on a computer, in separate rooms.

It's not working.

Someone asked me why not just make it a week. A week is a nice starting point, but I think it is not enough time to form new habbits or accomplish anything. I want to see what truly leaving it behind will do for me.

My intention is not to leave either Facebook or the online communities forever. I have met some wonderful people there and I love the community. I have FRIENDS there. And I adore it. But I intend to break my own habbits and reform some new ones. Step back, examine why, and then move forward in a way that is much healthier for me and my family.

I am not planning to ditch the blog for that time. In fact, I think I am going to chronicle it here. See what each day brings and talk about it.

So, if you are one of my online friends, please know that this break is about me and my own mental health, but has nothing to do with how much I like you or our community.


Lisa said...

I think that this is an admirable decision for you to make and am SO happy that I can still keep up with you here. (((hugs))) I wish you MUCH success my friend!

Laura said...

Thanks Lisa! ((hugs)) I appreciate your support on this. BTW, I still need to know the answer to my Yo question. Can you PM it to me, as I will get the PMs in my email box. :)