Saturday, September 26, 2009

Been Off Pondering

I've not felt much like posting lately. I tried to upload some of our photos from the beginning of September here last week, but Ray is also in the process of doing a massive backup of our computer systems, so I was getting choked out. He says that it will take a while, but that once the initial backup is complete, then it will be nothing to keep it current. Let's hope he's right!

We've had a busy month here. Xander is in school. Liam is in daycare. And I am working. Turns out that I have enough work to keep me very, very busy, so I also gave my notice at the part-time job I have done at the chiro's office. It's a great little job, but I needed to either do another day of daycare or quit there. So I quit there. I do hope that my work will get busy enough that I will need another daycare day in 6 months or a year, but now is not the time. How much work is a lot of work? This month it is thirty 500 word articles and a webpage.

I am feeling like I am at a cross-roads with my online life. Lately I have neglected my blog. And I went through a big clean out on Facebook. Actually, I have the urge to do another big clean out. Why oh why do I have a load of people who are my "friends", but yet I have never met them? Many of them are mommies I've met online on chat groups for mothers. It's generally a good time there and I have made some nice connections.

However, I am starting to feel like I should back away from that too. Not that I don't value the community on a whole, but I find myself greatly irritated more than not when I go there. Ray and I have talked about this at length, and he said something that made me think: "What drew you all together was the act of trying to have babies, then being pregnant together, and now mothering. But there are so many more things that are differences." Couple that with what he calls 'Eric's Grandma's Rule" -- it's frome a gaming forum he visits and it boils down to the rule of conduct being "don't say anything you wouldn't say in front of Eric's Grandma" -- being violated hand over fist and you may begin to see why I am feeling ruffled these days.

So I sit at a cross-roads, and I am off on the side...pondering.

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