Sunday, September 06, 2009

The One Thing I Would Change

Liam has come a long way from the baby who screamed all the time and blew out of his diaper each time he pooped (which was shockingly frequent). But there is one thing that drives me bonkers.

Each and every time this child wakes up from sleeping he screams. We aren't talking about a little fussing here. Or crying a bit. No, we are talking about full-on wailing. Someone-is-stabbing-me-and-I-am-dying crying.

YOU wake up to that every day for 18 months+ and see how you feel.

I've tried waiting it out.
I've tried rushing in to him.
I've tried waiting a few minutes and letting him sort it out himself.
And several times I have tried saying, "You know Liam, it is not necessary to scream blue murder each time you wake up."

Alas, it is all for naught. Still he screams.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to get him to stop this little habit, I am all ears.


Lisa said...

I have no idea, but boy does THAT stink!

Katie said...

Weird! Does he stop when you go to him?

mapsgirl said...

He's the male version of my daughter. I really want the screaming to stop.