Monday, December 01, 2008

You know you are sleep deprived when... (PT II)

  • Your husband finds a tin of iced tea crystals in the freezer, and you know it was you who put them there, but you cannot clearly remember putting them there.
  • You throw diaper poop into the the trash and are just about to put the diaper in the toilet.
  • You rinse the carrots, put them in a pot, put them on to boil, but forget to put water in with them.
  • You start mixing up the names of your kids, cats, and husband.
  • You are covered in bruises from walking into walls and furniture (my sense of space goes when I am tired).
  • You find it takes you all day write a blog.
  • You post the first version of this blog with only a title.
My original intent was to post some pics and do some catch up today, but I can't get the pics in properly and have been trying to have more than 2 minutes to myself all day.

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Lisa said...


Too funny.