Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Busy Times

You'd think with how busy we have been, I would be blogging about it daily. Alas, I am so covered in paint, glitter, chocolate, and stamps, that there has hardly been time to look up.

Xander and I finished decorating the Christmas tree the other day. I will have to take pictures soon and post them. It is a new, pre-lit tree and I love it!

I've been cruising a site that has pre-school activities and we have done the glittery letters and the chocolate letters here: Let's Explore. It's been fun, but the glitter is everywhere. I found some in my bed this morning. As Ray says, "Of all the things to have spread all over the place, glitter is the best. It kind of makes a person happy." Actually, the glitter letters were a family affair. I painted the letters. Xander helps put the glue and glitter on (with enthusiasm). And then Ray uses a glue gut to put the ribbons on them. I am not to be trusted with a glue gun. The chocolate Xander helped with a little bit, but it was pretty messy and getting late, so I finished it up.

My Christmas cards are pretty much all out. I have a few to hand deliver and a few to go out today. I also have a couple of packages to go out. It's a work in progress.

Speaking of works in progress...Liam is beginning to cruise. He can now transfer from one piece of furniture to another (or a toy to a piece of furniture) and he's able to motor along a bit on whatever is helping him stay upright. It is halting and slow, but he's getting there. He also occassionally lets go of one or both hand. And just this morninghe leaned over from a stand to pick something up.

Sleep is better. We have the boys in the same room now and it is okay. Liam is up 1-2 times a night.

Today is Xander's last morning of preschool before the holidays. They are doing a sing-a-long for the parents at 10:30. We are excited to see that.

And last night it snowed enough to cover the lawn!


Lisa said...


Sounds like fun activities.
When I taught, Archie would laugh at me because EVERY day, I'd come home with glitter on me somewhere!

T- said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!