Saturday, December 06, 2008

Xander's First Date and Other Musings

Last night Xander had his very first official date...with his Mom. We went to Boston Pizza, so he could have bugs and cheese (think mac and cheese, but the mac is in the shape of bugs). He was a perfect gentleman and we had a lovely time, just the two of us. Definitely worth going again. We also went shopping afterward, so we could say hello to Katherine, who was his daycare provide until recently. We bought a present for Daddy for Christmas and so far, so good: the surprise is still intact! No easy feat when you are 3.5 years old.

We're going to go again soon, and plans are in the works for a "boys' night of wings or burgers" with Daddy.

Xander has been a load of fun and a font of funny little comments. The other night someone called for donations from Children's Wish. Normally I would do this in a heartbeat. Heck, if they called and said "we'll be there in 30 minutes" I would donate. But to keep track of when they are coming and have something ready for some point in the future? I know my limitations. Keep track of my kids, my own schedule, and Ray's schedule is more than enough for me. When I got off the phone and Ray asked who it was and I explained, I finished with "I can hardly remember my own name these days." To which Xander injected in a puzzled voice: "It's MOMMY!"

How do you not adore that?

And this afternoon we were digging around in the crawl space. Xander loved going in and out of there with his own flashlight. Well, he is in and out after I was out. To fill you in a bit, for Xander's first Christmas my brother gave him a drum set. Yes, that's right: a DRUM SET. It is a mini version of the real deal. Also, the age on it is 3+. My brother thought he was getting one over on me, but since it was so obviously inappropriate for a 6 month old, I put it in the recesses of our crawl space. Sure enough, he comes out of there this afternoon with a grin from ear to ear..."Mommy, I saw Kids Play the Drums in there!!!" Of course, he now wants to play with it.

Thank you Uncle Kyle. I guess it was bound to come out eventually.


Tara said...

Awww! So sweet!

Lisa said...

How fun!

I love mommy-son dates!