Monday, December 29, 2008

10 Months

I would have taken a picture of Liam today and posted it, but he caught a cold from his big brother and is currently leaving snail trails of goo wherever he goes. Not a great picture.

It seems like he was born just yesterday. Time has gone even faster for this little boy than it went with Xander. And I laugh when I think about his birthday, because I can still see the words I typed on my March Mommy's group. For anyone who doesn't know this story, Liam was due 22 days after his birthday. I am on a lovely online group with women who all had babies due in March. Three of us had also been on a group for babies due in June of 2005. Well, one of those three ladies, M, was due at the beginning of March and had been showing signs of impending labour for some time, so the second lady, J, and myself teased her that SHE would have the Leap Year baby. Which rubbed her all over in the exact wrong way. Most of you know that rubbing a pregnant woman the wrong way can get ugly. I still laugh at the conversations we had. Well, the two of us who were doing the teasing were told by J's husband on February 28th that we ought to watch out, because he thought that one of us would end up with the Leap Year baby. (You've skipped to the end of this, haven't you?) Well, J and I both laughed. We were not due until the third week in March and J had her first baby late: there was no way we would have the Leap Year baby.

And here I sit, laughing on the other side of my face. For indeed, I did have the Leap Year baby. He's a cutie too. So, tonight, I am thinking about teasing M and being the one to have the Leap Year baby. (In case you are wondering, M held out for a few more days and had a March baby after all.)

At 10 months, Liam:

1. Loves to eat. He's mad that he can't have exactly what we are eating.
2. Still had no teeth. Though they keep teasing us. I can see them right there under the gums.
3. Has mastered the power crawl, can pull up on anything (including legs), walks around the furniture, and will stand with one hand holding on...sometimes he lets go too. He can also bend down from a stand to pick something up.
4. Conquered stairs this week.
5. Thinks that his big brother is amazing. He laughs and kicks and just plain acts happy when big brother is around.
6. "Sings" loudly in the car when he is happy.
7. Is working on sleeping better.
8. Holds Mommy and Daddy's hearts in his hand!


Lisa said...

LOL and what a SWEET Leap Year baby he IS...snot and all!

Lisa said...

And just remember that Auntie Lisa did NOT wish that on you!

Laura said...

LOL. Nope, Auntie Lisa did not wish it upon me. But I don't mind at all. I love it that he was the Leap Year baby now.