Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hey, Dude, your head is growing an animal!

After buying my very last Christmas gift this year (yes I am done and bragging a little!), I was coming out of a store that shall remain nameless, because my husband frequents this blog sometimes and he will have guesses for his present if I tell what store it is, and this guy was going in. I kid you not, he had the BIGGEST, FURRIEST hat on his head that I have ever seen. It was obviously fake fur, but this made it no less disturbing. It made his head double in size! I had to wonder if he was bald under it too. The idea tickles my funny bone. But I was tempted to stop him and say, "Hey, Dude, did you know you have an animal growing on your head?" I think I may have had a couple nightmares about that thing last night.

Also, I would have had every single one of my Christmas items purchased in cash (well, using debit, but it is pretty much the same thing), except that my account was hacked yesterday! So my last gift was on my credit card. Not bad, really. Thankfully the hacking was an attempt and my bank caught it and shut down that account. I had to make a trip this morning to get a new bank card.

And the last news is that Liam may get his two front teeth for Christmas. They are so close that I can feel them right under the surface. Actual ridges!

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