Monday, December 08, 2008

Day Off

I need a day off. We've had a busy week or so, but even busier over the last weekend. Thursday, we did a play date with my cousin and her kids. Friday, Xander and I had a date. Saturday, I worked the morning and then we had friends over for dinner. Sunday, we went to my cousin's place and she and I went to this toy warehouse sale, then for lunch and a sprint through the mall. Afterward we joined the kids and our husbands and ended up staying there and having dinner. The shopping was successful, the play date with the older two was not as much.

This morning I raced to clean up around here and get us ready for lunch and a play date with a young man from preschool. Xander and Carter had a fantastic time, and Ray and I like Carter's mom too! Then I raced off to do a one-off yoga session with Liam (it's supposed to help them sleep and I am in for trying anything). I was late and I couldn't find it, so we ended up driving around and then coming home. Finally, tonight I have spin class.


Plus the laundry fairy didn't end up visiting this weekend. She is sooooo fired!

I'm wiped. I just want to have a nice, long nap. Perhaps tomorrow? In any case, I think we will try to take it easier tomorrow.


T- said...

Wow. You ARE busy!

Lisa said...

I hope you get some down time soon!