Thursday, May 06, 2010


Xander has had a hard time learning to swim. It felt like the ah-ha moment was never coming. He enjoys the water, but I'd venture to say that he didn't get the point of it. We're at the end of his second set of private lessons and the difference is astounding.

He's now starting to tread water and to swim while using both his hands and his feet!

Today he got to go into the big pool (they have a small, square pool for teaching the young kids in) for the first time.

Getting into the big pool:

And in the big pool:
Learning to tread water:
Swimming in action!
Liam trying to figure out what this swimming business is all about and why he can't go into the pool too. (That's the smaller pool behind him. And the big pool is through the arches at the very back of the picture.)

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mnmelanson said...

Look at him go! That's so awesome!