Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monkey Business

Two is an interesting time. Liam is different in his "twos" than Xander was at that time. Xander required many, many time outs. Lots of redirection and lots of interaction. Most of the time, Liam will go off and play on his own, coming to me for snacks, diaper changes, and crisis moments. He needs little in the way of time outs, though a stern "No!" can invoke a tantrum of monstrous proportions. He's definitely his own person.

And yet he follows the family trend of single-mindedness or stubbornness, whatever you wish to call it. The other day, he was well-dressed. Part way through the day, I turned around and he had stripped off his pants, was pulling on pajama bottoms and then tromping around in shoes that are 7 sizes too big for him (he loves those things).

I managed to get a couple of pictures of him sitting and playing with (torturing actually) Woody.

Note that they are his SpiderMan pj bottoms! Strangely, they kind of match his dragon top. I especially love the Crocs on the wrong feet.

There was no way I was going to put him back in his regular pants and shoes. I did try. And decided it was not worth fighting over.

He's an interesting kid!


Lisa said...

LOVE the shoes on the wrong feet! Seriously, I could eat him!

Laura said...

He'd love it, Lisa. Really. It makes him laugh like crazy when I pretend to eat him. Especially the insides of his arms.