Saturday, May 15, 2010


We've had a really good time lately with the kids. We've gone swimming. Had time hanging out. Xander is helping Ray paint our fireplace. And tonight we danced and sang our hearts out. It was magic.

The last song was the one I've put on my blog today.

In honour of the song itself and the wonderful times we are having, I am making a list of 10 things I am appreciating. Go ahead and make your own list. Pass it on!

1. My kids
2. Health
3. Laughter
4. Family
5. The sheer beauty of the earth: plants blooming, blue sky, and buckets of rain.
6. Friends
7. The many places I have been, from mountains on three continents to dipping my feet in the Pacific, the Atlantic, and even the Mediterranean.
8. Plans
9. Dreams
10. Love

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