Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shift of Gears: The Big Water Incident

I have a couple of great pics of the kids I was going to load on here for today. Except I don't have the same ports on my desktop computer...and my laptop took a bit of a swim last night. So I have to wait on the pictures.

I dropped a large glass of water on my laptop last night. A total accident. It's currently drying out.

I feel really dumb, but what are you going to do. I've had a few panicked moments, because most of Liam pictures since birth are on that hard drive. Yes, I know I should back up. And I do occasionally, but in the sleep deprivation of the first 2 years of Liam's life, I forgot to do certain things. So I have no idea what I have and where. Plus, all my work from the last 20 months and links and everything...yeah, on there. So here is hoping it is resurrected. Ray assures me that either way, the hard drive should be okay.

So we wait.

On a totally different front: while I have never, ever wanted twins, it occasionally occurs to me that Xander should have been a twin. He's so much happier with other kids to play with. And he's got a playdate today. He and Carter are making a mess, but they are happy and entertained. Hooray!

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